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What To Do About Your ‘Leaky Bucket Customer Experience’

Companies are competing against innumerable pieces of content bombarding our prospects and customers every single day, making it very difficult to stand out.

Instead of throwing more money at marketing or advertising, what if companies instead focused on their existing customers?

Listen to your customers, engage with your customers, and they will become your best marketers. That’s right, your existing customers will actually help you acquire new customers, so stop constantly saddling your sales teams with unreasonably increasing sales goals every year, and start paying attention to your “leaky bucket.”

leaky bucket cartoon

You see, almost every business has a leaky bucket. Most businesses are so focused on sales and bringing in new customers that they’re forgetting about the fact that the existing customers are the ones that fund their paychecks. Without our existing customers, we’re out of business. So why do companies spend so much money and time focused on higher and higher sales goals and new customer goals and yet not nearly as much time with the people they already have?

My friend and fellow speaker Ryan Foland drew one of his famous stick-figure drawings for me to illustrate the “leaky bucket” concept. That’s clearly me there in the cartoon because as you can see, it’s a handsome bald guy. There’s that leaky bucket, full of customers that are dropping out of the bottom. But wait! Handsome Bald Guy has a net and is catching those customers before they fall to the ground! Hooray for our hero, Handsome Bald Guy!

You don’t have to be bald (or even handsome) to keep your customers from falling. You just have to pay more attention them and provide them some remarkable customer experiences. Do that, and they’ll never even think about going to your competitor.

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