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What Is Customer Success and How Is It Different From Customer Experience?

If customer experience can be defined as how customers feel about every single interaction they have with a company, then what is customer success? Business-to-business (B2B) companies often have “customer success” departments, but these are only part of the customer

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Experience

Guest Post by Salma El-Shurafa Many companies are thinking about improving employee experience and what facets make a great employee experience. The answers to these questions are constantly changing.  There was a time when the focus was on incentives and

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Why Can’t Customer Service Technology Be Simpler?

Dan Gingiss: Cameron Weeks is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Edify Labs, a customer service technology company. Tell us a little about Edify, Cameron.  Cameron Weeks: Sure. We built Edify to really bridge the gap from what is

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This One Simple Company Policy Will Improve Employee Experience And Drive Innovation

Want a simple way to improve employee experience and motivate people to innovate? Then borrow a page from The Danbury Mint. My very first job out of college was working for a company called The Danbury Mint in Norwalk, Connecticut.