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How To Create Shareable Customer Experiences

How do you create a Shareable customer experience? It doesn’t happen by accident.

Kim Newton

A Former Hallmark Exec Is Now Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

Kim Newton spent more than 20 years at Hallmark, with the last two-plus years leading customer experience. She is now a solopreneur and the founder of The Intentional Pause™, helping women to embrace pausing as a powerful way forward, with

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Customer Experience Metrics: The Top 5 Ranked

If you want to convince the C-Suite to invest in customer experience, you need to know your customer experience metrics. But not all metrics are created equal, so focus on the ones that executives will care most about. When you

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Get Out of Your Customer’s Way!

We cause customer frustrations when we set them up for failure. Are you creating obstacles rather than ease in your customer journey?