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It’s The Little Things That Improve Employee Experience

In happened once a quarter but nobody knew when it would be, and that was part of the fun. Employees found out when they arrived in the parking lot and saw a gigantic, yellow smiley-face balloon atop the building. Inside,

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How To Use Video For Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience

Video is everywhere, and many pundits are recommending that companies and individuals use video for sales, marketing, and customer experience. But how? What are the best use cases for letting video elevate the human-to-human conversation? In this interview, we find

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Why Are Brands Not Listening To Their Customers?

Guest Post by Pallavi Pavithran at Clootrack Last year, I went for a staycation with my family, and I must say it was an unforgettable vacation as we had a terrible experience with the food and cleanliness of the rooms.

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Amazon Increases Price of Prime Membership; Should You Care?

The price of Amazon Prime is going up again, and some people are mad about it. But not Amazon’s most loyal customers, who will likely not notice or care. Why?