random 404 page that simply says "page not found"

Why a ‘404 Error Page’ is an Opportunity for an Experience

Chances are if you’ve been on the Internet long enough, you’ve encountered a dreaded “404” error page. Also known as a “404 Page Not Found,” this error happens when you enter a URL that can’t be located – because it’s been

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Shopping For A Car? Why The Auto Industry Is Losing Customers Despite Vehicle Shortages

I was recently shopping for a car that happens to be in very high demand. I found a local dealership that showed three vehicles “in transit” and called to tell them I was ready to buy. “In full disclosure,” the

pizza with 8 slices and one has a bite taken out of it

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

I reviewed hundreds if not thousands of resumes during my 20-year corporate career, and during that time I discovered a simple yet powerful way to stand out from the crowd. When I was applying for my first job right after

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This Is Personal: Highland Park Is My Hometown

The names get stuck in the collective consciousness: Uvalde, Buffalo, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Colombine, and so many more. Until yesterday, I couldn’t imagine what it was like to really know one of those places – to live in,