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When It’s Time For The Customer To Pay, Make Paying An Experience

In all the talk about customer journey mapping, we don’t spend much time discussing money, yet paying can be an experience too. Money has historically been considered an awkward topic, whether it involves loaning money to friends, splitting an inheritance,

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When A Company Makes A Mistake: How Intuit Rebounded By Listening To Its Customers

When a company makes a mistake, things can go one of two ways: customers are upset and leave for the competition, or the company rebounds by listening to its customers and restoring goodwill. The latter was the case recently with

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Customer Experience In A Recession: How CX Leaders Win

Guest Post by BG Weiss The length of any recession is uncertain, but your CX strategy doesn’t have to be. Customer experience in a recession is not without precedent. High-performing CX teams during the 2008 recession did two things:  Differentiated