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Top Customer Experience Keynote Speaker Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss helped some of the largest brands in the world create some of the happiest customers in the world through extraordinary experiences. He is the former Head of Digital Customer Experience at Discover, Head of Global Social Media for McDonald’s, Head of Digital Marketing at Humana, and Head of Global Consumer Card Product at Diners Club International

Dan shares the very best of his two decades in CX to help you create happy customers who spend more, stay longer, and tell everyone about you, allowing you to:

  • spend way less on sales, marketing, and customer service
  • stop competing on price and product
  • differentiate where it matters most in the minds of your customers
  • see measurable results faster

Realize the full potential of your organization to create extraordinary experiences for your customers with the most experienced voice in customer experience, Dan Gingiss.

Turn Every Employee Into The Experience Maker

An outstanding customer experience isn’t made up of one big change to the way you do things. It’s a series of simple, inexpensive, easy-to-execute changes that drive results. It starts with each employee, no matter what their title or job description, asking the question: 

Is there a way to do my job
that will positively impact our customer’s experience?

It sounds simple, but it raises a lot of critical questions: “What does customer experience look like for my organization and my team? What steps do I need to take to improve customer experience quickly? How do I get my employees on board and motivated to do it? How will I know this will work for my business? What if I don’t know what my customers want? And where do I even start?

TL;DR You need a CX keynote from Dan Gingiss!

The longer answer is that you need an organization of Experience Makers™ that are W.I.S.E.R. than the competition. 

These Experience Makers create customer experiences that are:

They help you end the vicious cycle of competing on product and the race to the bottom of competing on price. And if you’ve got a “leaky bucket—you’re losing customers faster than you can replace them—creating an organization of Experience Makers with Dan Gingiss is the simplest, most effective, and most inexpensive way to plug the hole.

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Treat your organization to a Dan Gingiss keynote experience that is every event planner’s dream. 

Dan Gingiss creates an experience for his clients that is the highest example of everything he advocates in his keynotes. He delivers incredible value by sharing simple techniques to eliminate customer pain points and consistently create memorable experiences. 

Dan’s fast-paced, energetic presentation style is more than just an hour-long sugar high. He creates a transformative, enduring experience for the audience with clear takeaways they can begin using the very next day.

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