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Events Marketing and Attendee Experience

Events marketing and attendee experience have become one and the same. After all, the best way to market an event […]

Customer Experience

The Best Way To Focus on Customer Experience Is To Follow Mom’s Advice

Remember how Forrest Gump liked to quote what his “mama always said”? Well my mama always said: Be aware of […]

Employee Experience

It’s The Little Things That Improve Employee Experience

In happened once a quarter but nobody knew when it would be, and that was part of the fun. Employees […]

Customer Experience

How To Use Video For Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience

Video is everywhere, and many pundits are recommending that companies and individuals use video for sales, marketing, and customer experience. […]

Customer Experience

Why Are Brands Not Listening To Their Customers?

Why are companies not listening to customers? Last year, I went for a staycation with my family, and I must […]

General Business

Amazon Increases Price of Prime Membership; Should You Care?

The price of Amazon Prime is going up again, and some people are mad about it. But not Amazon’s most loyal customers, who will likely not notice or care. Why?

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