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Marketing & Sales

Why Are Companies Constantly Devaluing Loyalty Programs?

For years, companies large and small have offered loyalty programs to reward their customers, providing discounts, birthday gifts, and other […]


Why B2B Companies Must Shift Their Focus From Sales To Customers

All too often, B2B sales overshadow every other business metric – including the retention of existing customers. It’s a decent […]

Customer Experience

How the Boating Industry’s Immersive Experiences are Driving Record Growth

In the boating industry, customer experience presents a unique set of challenges akin to navigating an unpredictable current. Boats are […]

Employee Experience

The One Interview Question That Will Reveal Your Candidate’s True Potential

The interview process at many companies can be mundane and ineffective, but there is one type of interview question that […]

General Business

The Student Experience In Higher Education Goes Digital

In the post-pandemic era, providing a great student experience in higher education has never been so important. Undergraduate college enrollment […]


How Companies Are Using ChatGPT For Customer Service Success

It seems like everyone is getting into the ChatGPT craze lately, and customer service teams are no exception. So what’s […]

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