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General Business

The Student Experience In Higher Education Goes Digital

In the post-pandemic era, providing a great student experience in higher education has never been so important. Undergraduate college enrollment […]


How Companies Are Using ChatGPT For Customer Service Success

It seems like everyone is getting into the ChatGPT craze lately, and customer service teams are no exception. So what’s […]

Customer Experience

B2B Customer Experience Examples: Think Like A B2C

Is B2B customer experience as important as it is in B2C companies? Every industry has its presumptions, and in the […]

Customer Experience

How Brands Can Generate Positive Media Coverage for Customer Experience Success Stories

A quick-thinking Comcast agent saved a customer’s life – and triggered a case study in how to get media coverage […]

Employee Experience

How Pickleball – Yes, Pickleball! – Can Improve Employee Experience

I’m sure you’ve already heard…but there is a wonderful game called pickleball that is taking over the United States. What […]

Marketing & Sales

Brands That Own Up To Mistakes With Humor Can Reap Marketing Gold

When brands make mistakes, they may be best served by following the advice of an American writer known for his […]

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