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Call Listening | CX Weekly with Dan Gingiss

Welcome to the first CX Weekly, where Dan Gingiss shares customer experience tips! Watch the video by clicking above, or read the transcript below!

Hi everyone, my name is Dan Gingiss and today I want to talk to you about call listening.

If you’ve ever visited a contact center, you know that listening to calls can be one of the most important tasks of building and improving customer experience. Why? Because there’s nothing quite like listening to the actual voice of your customer.

Yeah, we throw around the concept of VOC (voice of the customer) all the time. But usually this is just a report that we’re looking at that might have some numbers on it. It might have some written feedback, but, you know what it doesn’t have? It doesn’t have emotion, it doesn’t allow us to show empathy, it doesn’t really get us a sense of what the customer is going through.

When you listen to the literal voice of the customer and you hear their disappointment, their anger, their frustration, it’ll really hit you. And it’ll get you thinking, “how do I fix this?” Not only for this particular customer, but also how do I fix the underlying problem so that other people aren’t calling?

I’ve always heard that for every person that does call with a complaint, there’s at least 100 people that don’t bother complaining. Now, while I’ve never confirmed that number, I can tell you anecdotally that it makes sense to me. It definitely makes sense because often times customers leave our business and never tell us why they’re leaving. That’s because we never really opened ourselves up to hearing their feedback.

Go to your contact center. Sit next to a customer service representative. Listen to actual phone calls and listen to the voice of your customer. If you don’t have a contact center, then pick up the phone and call a couple of customers. Literally pick it up, dial the number and talk to them. Don’t send them an email. Don’t send him a DM or a text. Pick up the phone and talk to them and say, “how are we doing? Tell us what you like about doing business with us. Is there anything we could be doing better?”

And I’m telling you, when you ask for that kind of feedback, you’re going to get it. So, be prepared, because some of the feedback is going to be great, some of it maybe a little bit hard to hear, but all of it is really valuable to creating the best experience that you can make.

So, make sure that you do some call listening and listen to the actual voice of your customer. And you, too, will know what you need to fix and also what you’re already doing well and need to do more of.

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