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Customer Experience

Key Takeaways from Medallia Experience 2024: How AI is Transforming Customer and Employee Experience

The Medallia Experience 2024 conference in Las Vegas brought together thought leaders and innovators from various industries to discuss the […]

Employee Experience

The One Interview Question That Will Reveal Your Candidate’s True Potential

The interview process at many companies can be mundane and ineffective, but there is one type of interview question that […]

Employee Experience

How Pickleball – Yes, Pickleball! – Can Improve Employee Experience

I’m sure you’ve already heard…but there is a wonderful game called pickleball that is taking over the United States. What […]

Customer Experience

Why Don’t More CEOs Engage With Front-Line Employees?

The new CEO of Starbucks prepared for the job by joining his front-line employees. In the process, he’s putting on […]

General Business

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

I reviewed hundreds if not thousands of resumes during my 20-year corporate career, and during that time I discovered a […]

Customer Experience

Does Your Company Need A Chief Experience Officer?

A growing number of companies are installing a chief experience officer (CXO) into the C-suite, with responsibility for every facet […]

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