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Customer Experience In A Recession: 3 Ways To Prepare

Guest Post by BG Weiss The length of any recession is uncertain, but your CX strategy doesn’t have to be. Customer experience in a recession is not without precedent. High-performing CX teams during the 2008 recession did two things:  Differentiated

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Could NPS Detractors Be A Good Thing? New Evidence Says Yes

Guest Post by Sabrina Tessitore NPS Detractors, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey respondents who rate your business between 0 and 6, are typically referred to in a negative light.  This is because they’re the most likely customers to churn

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Why Are Brands Not Listening To Their Customers?

Guest Post by Pallavi Pavithran at Clootrack Last year, I went for a staycation with my family, and I must say it was an unforgettable vacation as we had a terrible experience with the food and cleanliness of the rooms.

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Experience

Guest Post by Salma El-Shurafa Many companies are thinking about improving employee experience and what facets make a great employee experience. The answers to these questions are constantly changing.  There was a time when the focus was on incentives and

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Customer Experience and Customer Lifetime Value

Guest Post by Howie Bick Customer experience is an important topic for businesses in all industries. The experience that your prospects and customers have has a major impact on whether they become paying customers, look for other alternatives, or become

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Top Customer Onboarding Tips For Improving Customer Satisfaction

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay Guest post by Shrushti Shah Most companies offer some kind of user onboarding to immediately improve customer satisfaction, whether in the form of printed instructions, in-app video tutorials, or extensive training programs designed to