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    air freshener in car

    What’s That Smell? How Scent Impacts CX

    You’ve likely caught a smell that took you back to a memory, a time, or a place. Scent is powerful and our sense of smell is directly connected to our emotional brain. Have you ever wondered how scent could impact

    Kim Newton

    A Former Hallmark Exec Is Now Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

    Kim Newton spent more than 20 years at Hallmark, with the last two-plus years leading customer experience. She is now a solopreneur and the founder of The Intentional Pause™, helping women to embrace pausing as a powerful way forward, with

    Person using credit card at computer

    Get Out of Your Customer’s Way!

    We cause customer frustrations when we set them up for failure. Are you creating obstacles rather than ease in your customer journey?

    employees view data and analytics on a computer screen

    How Data and Analytics Inform Customer Experience

    You may think numbers are boring, but what if they are the crucial element you’re missing in your customer experience strategy?

    Ann Handley

    How Listening To Your Customers Can Help You Create Great Content

    The question I get the most often when I walk off a physical stage, it’s always somebody from a B2B company. They’d come up to me and they’d say, “Oh great presentation. I was really inspired. Does what you talk about apply to B2B companies?” And I kind of perfected this. With a very straight face I would say, “Well, that depends. Are you marketing to human beings?” And then they’d be like, “Well, yeah.” Then customer experience applies to you because the people that are buying your product are people. They’re consumers and you’re not selling to a building or to an entity.

    Diversity in CX

    Why Diversity Matters In Customer Experience

    Shonnah Hughes is a diversity and inclusion strategist in the CX space, focused on improving organization and community learning, relationships and reputation.