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Resident Experience In Assisted Living Facilities

Resident experience in assisted living isn’t like other experiences, because the assisted living industry isn’t like other industries. In most […]

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How to Improve Patient Experience in Healthcare

A new survey delivered a not-so-positive verdict on an issue that has become a major focus for the healthcare industry: […]

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Why Healthcare Jargon Hurts Patient Experience

Are Americans illiterate when it comes to healthcare jargon? According to a consumer survey by Policy Genius, the answer is […]

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Digital Enhancements To Healthcare Improve Patient Experience

The healthcare industry in the United States has long been a dichotomy in its embrace of – and resistance to – technology. While some of the world’s finest technology is used to diagnose and treat all manner of illness, patients often have to complete paper forms in the waiting room and many doctors still take notes on paper medical charts.

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Why The Healthcare System Is Failing Seniors

America is getting older, and the healthcare system is buckling under the pressure. The double whammy of people generally living longer and the massive Baby Boomer generation creating the “largest-ever population of older adults in America” has necessitated a level of experience innovation in the healthcare industry that simply has no precedent.

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