Why Your Company Needs
a CX Audit

With so many businesses employing a siloed organizational structure, parts of the customer journey can easily fall through the cracks. The truth is that customers don’t care about how your company is organized; to them, it’s a single experience with one brand. Dan can help you identify and eliminate those gaps.

A Customer Experience (CX) Audit affords leaders a 30,000-foot view of the customer journey, with every touchpoint and every transition coming into focus.

It’s Time for an Outside Perspective

Too often, executive leadership is simply too close to the experience to see what’s wrong.

Companies often suffer from:
  • An inability to identify the most fixable problems.
  • A belief that the way things are done is “good enough”.
  • A lack of coordination between departments.
  • A lack of accountability for the entire customer journey.
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Customer-Centric Companies Win

Today’s savvy customers are demanding an extraordinary experience from every company.

Dan can help companies:
  • Identify and fix customer pain points and failed handoffs.
  • Create opportunities to deliver a remarkable experience.
  • Increase the number of customers talking positively about the brand.
  • Deliver real business benefit through increased sales and retention.
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Combining Thought Leadership and Actionable Insights

Dan’s past professional experience helps him advise companies on their biggest problems.

When you work with Dan, you get:
  • A customized keynote presentation to inspire your employees.
  • A hands-on workshop to identify and repair customer pain points.
  • Personalized consulting to determine practical customer experience improvements.
  • Ideas and actions — get ready to roll up your sleeves!
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