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Don’t Fear Customer Complaints | CX Weekly with Dan Gingiss

Welcome to CX Weekly, where Dan Gingiss shares customer experience tips! Watch the video by clicking above, or read the transcript below!

Hey, everyone, this is Dan Gingiss and today, I want to give you a tip that is critical to business success. Don’t be afraid of complaints!

Now, normally, when I mentioned complaints, people tense up. They get all stressed because they don’t want to talk about customers complaining. After all, that means we’re not doing something right, and we generally don’t want to admit that. But those of us that have been around for a while know that any feedback is a gift. And if we take it with the right kind of thinking, we can use it to our advantage and improve the experience for future customers.

The customers that complain do so because they care. They actually want to continue doing business with you. They want you to fix the problem. If they didn’t care, they would just leave. And so many customers do that. I call that the silent-but-deadly ones. We don’t like those, right? These are the ones that leave our business and never even tell us why.

We can’t do anything about that, but we can do something when somebody complains. We can look at the situation, we can figure out how to help that customer. Then, importantly, we can go back to our business and figure out the root cause of that complaint. This will ensure that we can fix it for other customers as well.

If you look at feedback as a gift, you will realize that these are customers that are trying to help you. In fact, they want you to help them. And so it’s mutually beneficial. You help them, they help you by exposing an issue that you then can fix. Not only for them, but for any other customer that might be having the same problem.

Do that and you will methodically reduce the number of pain points in your business, which is one of the biggest reasons why customer experience is often terrible. It’s like death by a thousand paper cuts, right? “This is annoying, this is annoying, this is annoying.” If we can get rid of these, we create a much smoother, better experience that customers are then more than satisfied with and in fact want to tell their friends and family about.

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