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Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You are finding it harder and harder each year to meet sales or revenue goals
  • You are trying to compete on price but the margins are too thin
  • You are losing customers but don’t know why
  • Your customer satisfaction scores aren’t as high as you’d like

Or how about these?

  • You are receiving too many negative reviews
  • Your contact center is overwhelmed
  • Your brand sentiment on social media is negative or neutral
  • You are not sure how to start or grow a customer experience program

If you’re frustrated at these situations, or at the fact that customer experience isn’t top-of-mind for everyone in your organization, you are not alone!

I’ve been there.

As a marketing and customer experience leader at Discover, Humana, McDonald’s and two B2B companies, I saw those same issues first-hand. But I learned how to be successful in all of those roles by focusing on the one thing that matters most — the customer. In every meeting, I was known as the guy wearing the “customer hat,” thinking through business problems from a customer experience lens.

Without customers, there is no business; but with happy customers, the business thrives because people stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends and colleagues.

What’s my secret?

I found simple, practical, and inexpensive ways to improve the customer experience, and then I watched as customer satisfaction scores vastly improved and brand sentiment on social media became more positive. At Discover, we even won the coveted J.D. Power Award for Customer Satisfaction for the very first time under my digital leadership.

In short, I became The Experience Maker™ at my company.

Now, it’s your turn.

The good news is that since I’ve been in the trenches, I can save you loads of time and frustration by teaching you how to become The Experience Maker™ at your company.

Stop waiting for things to improve on their own. We both know that is unlikely to happen.

This is the catalyst you’ve been looking for to take your company’s customer experience or marketing to the next level. So stop constantly selling and start focusing on your existing loyal customers who will stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends!

Inspiration for Today’s Biggest Business Challenge

Competing on price is a loser’s game — just ask the local gas station with a competitor across the street. And competing on product is nearly impossible — just ask Uber, the classic innovator which was then copied by others. What’s left? Customer experience.

The good news is that customer experience is delivered by your company’s human beings, and because they are unique, your experience can be unique too.

Too often, executive leadership
can’t see what’s wrong.

They’re either too close to the experience so it all makes sense to them, or they’re too far away from it to even realize there is a problem.

And since so many businesses are employing a siloed organizational structure, parts of the customer journey can easily fall through the cracks. The truth is that customers don’t care about how your company is organized; to them, it’s a single experience with one brand.

The result is that companies often suffer from a lack of coordination between departments, a lack of accountability through the entire experience, and the inability to identify the most fixable customer pain points.

Dan will focus your team on strategic discussions like:

  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer and Actions of the Customer
  • Optimizing web and mobile sitemaps
  • Identifying and eliminating customer pain points
  • Finding opportunities to differentiate with customer experience
  • Making your marketing dollars work harder

Why Your Business Needs Dan Gingiss

Whether Dan is consulting, coaching, delivering a keynote, training or designing workshops, he always combines thought leadership with actionable insights. With more than 20 years of corporate experience and a reputation for innovative thought leadership, Dan now advises executives and companies on their biggest CX challenges.

When you work with Dan, you get:

  • Personalized analysis designed to help you address your biggest business challenges
  • Loads of simple, practical and inexpensive ideas for delivering a remarkable experience for your customers
  • Methods to identify and fix customer pain points and failed hand-offs between departments

And as a result, your business will see:

  • More customers talking positively about your brand
  • Increased sales and retention
  • Fewer customer service complaints

Today’s savvy customers are demanding an extraordinary experience from every company, and that is exactly what Dan’s CX Consulting & Coaching can deliver for you and your business.

The Experience Maker™

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