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Truly transformative.

Dan was wonderful to work with from start to finish. He was aware of goals and proved his knowledge on how experience matters with resounding cheers from our attendees. Highly recommend!

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your extraordinary contribution to our event. As our keynote speaker, you achieved a remarkable trifecta: your message was actionable, inspiring, and delivered with an engaging flair that captivated both our onsite and virtual attendees. Your ability to distill complex concepts into clear, accessible insights is truly a gift, and your participation in the panel discussion added significant depth to the day’s conversations.

Dan’s keynote at our Annual Meeting was customized for our audience, educational and kept attendees fully engaged the entire time. The breakout session that followed allowed all to put the tactics into practice. Dan is very easy to work with and he left a lasting impression on our audience with his real-life examples and clear takeaways.

His address was not only exciting and engaging, it also brought a new perspective to perfecting the customer experience! Dan’s real-life examples and experiences provided our employees with tangible ways to create unforgettable customer interactions while helping to grow their businesses and our own through partnership.

Dan not only delivered, but he exceeded my wildest expectations. Dan’s stories around real-world, shareable customer experiences, meant actionable insights for our customers [and] made me rethink my own experiences. Dan is a masterful storyteller, great human, and a treat to get to meet in person! Highly recommend!

Dan was an outstanding speaker, but even more, our attendees raved about the connections made with him off stage. He helped us deliver a fantastic experience for our attendees this year and we hope to continue collaborating with him in the future.

Dan’s presentation literally inspired our teams to create highly attainable, immediately actionable, delightful experiences for our guests.  We received feedback from many attendees that Dan’s session was one of the highlights of our entire conference.

I have never seen a business speaker get a standing ovation from our group until Dan spoke to them about Customer Experience.

Dan’s expertise in the subject matter was evident, as he seamlessly connected his content to the industry. The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting Dan’s ability to engage, educate, and leave a lasting impression. Dan’s professionalism and commitment to delivering a memorable experience truly elevated our conference.

His keynote featured some peak emotional moments that resonated with our audience, while also offering easy-to-implement tactics for them, no matter what size business they owned or worked for… Every experience we had with him deepened our trust and confidence.

He was such a hit that we brought him back!

Dan really captured the audience’s attention… [his] thought-provoking presentation will stay with you.

Dan gave a fantastic talk – insightful, challenging, thought provoking and inspirational. His direct and actionable advice provided measurable benefit to our audience and our attendees enjoyed his presentation immensely.

Dan brought the perfect mix of energy, thought leadership and fun into our agenda that had our attendees talking well into the next day.

His approach to making memorable experiences for our customers was a great mix of reality, humor and wow as we learned better ways to do ordinary things.  Better still he walked his talk, making a memorable experience for our audience so there was chatter all day about his ideas and talking points.

Dan absolutely rocked it! I read his book, “The Experience Maker”, and knew he would be perfect to inspire a group of marketing, PR and media pros. His delivery was charismatic, passionate, fun, relatable and packed with content and purpose. Our audience gave rave reviews!

Witty, charming and engaging – Dan’s presentation gave real world examples that any of our franchisees could begin using immediately. He also engaged with them one-on-one providing an even deeper level of value.

Not only was the content 100% on point for our Franchisees and for us as the Franchisor, Dan also invested the time to break bread with our Franchisees at two group meals, to listen and learn more about our business. I strongly recommend Dan.

Dan was fantastic.  He brought a ton of energy to our event and really brought his customer experience message home to our attendees in a tangible and enthusiastic delivery.  Additionally, he was a delight to work with.  He truly takes his own message to heart when working with his clients as well.

When Dan’s addressing the audience he talks WITH them, not at them. The audience was thrilled, interactive and excited to hear from him.

Dan’s presentation at our London conference was insightful, engaging and educational. Our audience enjoyed it so much, we brought him back for a subsequent webinar. Dan is very easy to work with and he left a lasting impression on our audience with his real-life examples and clear takeaways.

One of the brightest minds on the topics of customer experience, social media and digital experience.

Dan was a fantastic webinar presenter! His style was engaging, and he provided easy-to-comprehend principles to inspire meaningful customer experiences. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Dan.

Dan Gingiss has spoken for our conference not once – but twice, and the audience can not get enough! His presentation is full of energy and impactful examples that will get your team thinking creatively about the experience in your organization.

Dan’s keynote was not only engaging, but extremely relevant no matter what your role is at your company. He left the audience not only EXCITED about customer experience, but also empowered to make CX a priority in their day to day activities. He had so many great examples and his energy and passion for CX are infectious!

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