Digital communication

How You Communicate With Customers Matters

Is it better to overcommunicate or under-communicate with customers? With marketing, less can sometimes be more. But when it comes to customer service and customer experience issues, overcommunicating is almost always better.

Baseball diamond with a banana

The Savannah Bananas Baseball Team Has Hit It Big With ‘Fans First’

The Savannah Bananas are an independent baseball team in a summer college league—a level or two below in quality of an “A-level” Minor League Baseball team. The owner, Jesse Cole, admits that the Bananas are “an average baseball team.” So

Easter eggs

How Easter Eggs Play A Role In Customer Experience

You don’t need to be in the movie, video game, or software industry to employ Easter eggs. Fun little surprises can be hidden anywhere in your customer experience too.

An ATM machine

Help! The ATM Took My Money And I Don’t Know What To Do

It finally happened. After 48 years of life, about 35 of them with a debit card, I finally got stiffed by an ATM machine. The ATM took my money. It happened at O’Hare International Airport, at an ATM owned by


Does Your Company Need A Chief Experience Officer?

A growing number of companies are installing a chief experience officer (CXO) into the C-suite, with responsibility for every facet of the customer journey. Harvard Business Review even makes the case that every company should have a CXO to oversee

A delivery man throws a package at the author's front door

The ‘Last Mile’ in Retail is Often the Most Important

Product delivery, also known as the “last mile” in retail, is often the most complex part of the transaction because it’s usually dependent on third parties. It’s been a strange few weeks for me and delivered packages recently, and those