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Top CX Articles of 2021

Here’s a look back at the most popular customer experience articles of 2021 from The Experience Maker blog, as voted on by your eyeballs! Click on each headline to read the full article.

10. Amazon Customer Service: 6 Things That Make It An Effortless Experience

Amazon is among the most talked-about companies in the world, and for good reason. The e-commerce giant has literally reinvented multiple industries. Here are 6 ways they create a remarkable experience.

09. Is McDonald’s Now Focused On Customer Experience?

Fast-food giant McDonald’s recently announced the promotion of Manu Steijaert to the new role of executive vice president and global chief customer officer, leading a brand-new customer experience team. As a former employee who did not have a good experience there, I say: better late than never.

08. 6 Tips for Making Customer Insights Actionable

Trust and context come down to these two questions: Is the information provided something I can actually make a business decision based on? How much will it matter if I do make a decision based on it? To answer these questions, here are six tenets of actionable insight.

07. 4 Ways to Revitalize Customer Loyalty With Artificial Intelligence

It seems that every business today is talking about how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can impact data-driven customer marketing and brand loyalty. If you want your business to be a cut above the rest, you need to jump on the AI bandwagon.

06. Why A Sparkler Beats A Candle Every Time

My teenage son has good (and expensive) taste in food, so he chose to celebrate his birthday at Fleming’s Steakhouse. When I booked the reservation on OpenTable, a restaurant booking app, I noted that we were celebrating his birthday. Fleming’s Steakhouse made it clear as soon as we say down, that they weren’t offering the “typical” experience.

05. Customer Experience Metrics: The Top 5 Ranked

If you want to convince the C-Suite to invest in customer experience, you need to know your customer experience metrics. But not all metrics are created equal, so focus on the ones that executives will care most about.

04. 10 Customer Experience Books Worthy of Discussion

One of the featured segments on the Experience This! podcast is called Book Report, where we feature an important customer experience or customer service book and share it in a unique way. Here are 10 books that we featured in 2020, throughout Seasons 5 and 6 of the show, along with each author’s words about why the book deserves a spot on your bookshelf. Related: See the updated list for 2021 here.

03. The Amazon Customer Experience Remains Elusive To Other Retailers

Why does everyone talk about Amazon’s customer experience? It’s both because Amazon is so good, and others just don’t measure up.

02. The Entrepreneur Who Changed Social Media Management For Good

I recently interviewed Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO of social media platform Lately, on The Experience Maker live show. Here is an edited transcript of the interview.

01. If A Taco Truck Can Create A Remarkable Customer Experience, So Can You

A recent headline in Newsweek grabbed my attention: “Worried Taco Truck Owner Calls His Best Customer After She Hasn’t Shown up for Months.” To be fair, they had me at “Taco Truck.” But the memorable part of this story has nothing to do with tacos and everything to do with a remarkable customer experience.

Bonus: Former Cubs Manager Joe Maddon’s Advice for Baseball and Business

This is our most popular article prior to 2021, and it still got tons of views this year. Former Chicago Cubs (and current Los Angeles Angels) manager Joe Maddon became a beloved figure in the city of Chicago, and his frequent quips – dubbed “Maddonisms” – were often quoted on T-shirts and in the media. Here are 5 favorite “Maddonisms,” along with how they apply to baseball and also drive business success.

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