Dan Has Worked With

Why Work With Dan?

Whether you’re planning for a spectacular conference, meeting or corporate event, we know you have many choices for your next keynote speaker. None will be quite like Dan, and here’s why:

His Background Is Legit.

Most of your choices are career speakers or consultants, but Dan has practical experience in the trenches as an executive at three Fortune 300 companies. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

His Examples Are All Real.

No pontificating about theoretical situations. Instead, Dan shares tons of real-life, practical experiences that audiences can use as inspiration at their own companies.

Every Presentation Is Customized.

With Dan’s vast library of real-life customer experience examples, no two presentations are exactly alike so yours will be personalized to your audience.

No Reading Slides.

There’s nothing worse than a speaker with long, boring slides that the audience hopelessly tries to digest. Dan’s presentation is almost entirely visual and extremely engaging.

He's Easy To Work With.

No extravagant demands for first-class travel or Evian on ice. Dan is reachable, responsive and generous with his time – including pre- and post-event meetings.

He Goes Above And Beyond.

Many speakers arrive at an event, deliver their speech and leave. Dan intentionally blocks at least a full day for networking, Q&A, book signing, live tweeting and more. He is “all-in” for your event.

He Uses His Influence For Good

Dan is happy to promote your event beforehand and live-tweet during the day, using your event’s hashtag, to his highly engaged social media audience.

He's Just A Cool Guy.

Ask him about delivering a pizza to Michael Jordan, singing the National Anthem at three baseball stadiums, and all the other fun things he’s done.

The Best Keynote Speaker For Your
Next Event

Dan Gingiss is an international keynote speaker who believes that a remarkable customer experience can be your best marketing. In today’s digital world, every experience can come online to social media with the tap of a button, so companies must ensure that every part of the customer journey is executed flawlessly.

Thankfully, there are simple techniques to eliminate customer pain points and create memorable experiences throughout the customer life cycle. Dan doesn’t just talk about customer experience; his fast-paced, energetic presentation style is meant to actually create an experience for the audience that they’ll surely remember.

Every speech concludes with clear takeaways that the audience can begin using the very next day.