Any of Dan’s keynotes and The Experience Maker™ course can be adapted into a half- or full-day interactive workshop for your team.  

Topics include:

  • How a remarkable customer experience can be your best sales and marketing strategy.
    Target: Executives and practitioners in any customer-facing department.
  • Designing a digital customer journey.
    Target: Digital marketers, web teams, IT
  • How to get more people talking positively about your brand on social media and how to follow up when they do.
    Target: Leaders and practitioners in marketing, social media, CX.
  • Winning at social customer care.
    Target: Leaders and practitioners in customer service, CX, social media.
Customize Your Workshop

Why Hire Dan?

Whether Dan is consulting, coaching, delivering a keynote, or designing a workshop for your company, he combines thought leadership with actionable insights.

When you work with Dan, you get:
  • Personalized consulting to determine practical customer experience improvements.
  • Real results through increased sales and retention.
  • Methods to identify and fix customer pain points and failed hand-offs.
  • New opportunities to deliver a remarkable CX experience.
  • More customers talking positively about your brand.

Today’s savvy customers are demanding an extraordinary experience from every company, and that is exactly what Dan can deliver for your company.

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