Dan’s Experience Comes from Being in the Trenches

For more than 20 years, Dan has led marketing teams in nearly every marketing channel — from direct mail to email to social media. He has also served in multiple customer service and customer experience leadership roles. His strong professional background gives him the credibility to recommend actionable, profitable solutions.

Many speakers and consultants have never actually experienced life “in the trenches” at a company. Dan understands those dynamics and challenges.

The Best Lessons Come From Real-Life Examples

Business leaders don’t need someone to pontificate about lofty goals and hypothetical situations. They need practical, actionable intelligence based on actual success stories to inspire their own teams to push the customer experience to the next level. Get inspired with Dan’s fun and thought-provoking case studies!

Dan combines his own professional experience at brands like Discover, McDonald’s and Humana with tons of real-life examples from B2C and B2B companies of all sizes.

Top Media Outlets Look To Dan For Insight

Dan is a sought-after commentator on all things marketing, social media, customer experience and customer service. His Fortune 300 professional experience and independent client work have equipped him with the knowledge and insights to educate others in the field.

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The Go-To Resource For Social Customer Care

Companies big and small refer to Winning at Social Customer Care as the “bible” for building and maintaining a customer service presence on social media. From conversations with dozens of business leaders and his own real-world experience, Dan teaches the secrets of the top brands that are “winning” in social media.

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