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Take the CX Challenge

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level and become The Experience Maker™ at your business? We live and breathe CX and want to teach you and your team to do the same! Start by taking our FREE CX Challenge. Each 90-second video gives you one little thing you can do to improve CX at your business. Watch them at your own pace. Grab the team and accept the challenge!

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What You’ll Get

  • 10 challenges to inspire you to quickly improve customer experience at your company.
  • Simple, practical and inexpensive ideas that can be implemented immediately.
  • Complete the CX Challenge over 10 consecutive workdays or at your own pace.

Are You up to the Challenge?

Day 1

 Becoming a Customer

Day 2

Strengths and Opportunities

Day 3

Reviewing Your Communications

Day 4

Reducing Customer Steps 

Day 5

Looking To Other Industries

Day 6

Eliminating Pain Points

Day 7

Reviewing Call Recordings

Day 8

Listening  and Responding

Day 9

Starting a Book Club

Day 10

Talking With Agents

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