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How To Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can’t Wait To Share

Let’s face it. Competition in business is getting tougher by the day. The internet has made it easier than ever for people to start businesses online. That’s a good thing! But because it’s so easy to create a business, there’s more competition than ever, in every industry. Which isn’t always a good thing. Saturation can be very unforgiving in any niche.

The Experience Maker Book

And if you don’t differentiate yourself, you will lose!

Having all those competitors is almost like a ticking time bomb – it’s only a matter of time until they steal your customers.

And the timer is always tick, tick, ticking away.

You’ve got to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Something that makes you different from those hundreds or thousands of rivals.

You need an amazing and memorable customer experience!

The kind of experience that causes your customers to think “oh WOW, this company is something else!” every time they buy from you.

The same type of experience that makes your customers loyal to you and only you, that keeps them coming back time and time again, and that turns them into your own free marketing team.

Is that possible? Does that exist? Yes and yes!

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The Experience Maker Book
The Experience Maker Book

Does Your Business Have A “Leaky Bucket”?

Over the years of working as a customer experience coach, Dan noticed that most businesses have what he calls a “leaky bucket”. They spend all their time, energy, and money on acquiring new customers at the expense of their existing customers that got them to that point. Without those existing customers, there is no business!

So, why not focus those same resources on providing your existing customers with a remarkable experience? When you do this, your customers will become your best marketers and plug that “leaky bucket” of yours by helping you acquire new customers.

The Experience Maker will show you exactly how to do this in your own business, so you can stop the “leaking” and start WOW-ing your customers, new and old.

Want A Sneak Peak of “The Experience Maker”?

You’ll Learn:

  • Why traditional marketing no longer works
  • How to solve the big problem of the “leaky bucket”
  • What gets shared on social media (and what doesn’t).
  • How customer experience affects your bottom line
  • What the WISER model is and how it’ll positively change your business forever
  • The ways to eliminate customer pain points and reduce friction
  • How to design the right digital experience
  • How to adapt to changing trends in the contact center
  • Why you need a Chief Experience Offer to solidify executive leadership
  • And much more…
The Experience Maker Book

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