Book Summary

Let’s face it: Competition is tougher than ever these days. Competing on price is a loser’s game — just ask the two gas stations across the street from each other. And competing on product is getting harder and harder as almost everything is copyable — just ask your favorite ride-share company.

So what’s left? How can companies stand out in a crowded marketplace that is constantly evolving?

The answer is customer experience. And the best part about customer experience is that it’s delivered by human beings which are unique to your company. No one else has your human beings, which means that you can provide a customer experience that no one else can. It’s time to make your customer experience a competitive advantage.

Almost every business has a “leaky bucket.” Most companies are so focused on sales growth and bringing in new customers at the expense of the existing customers who are funding the business. Without our existing customers, we’re out of business. So why do companies spend so much money and time on higher and higher sales and new customer goals and yet not nearly as much time with the people they already have?

Instead of spending more money on marketing and trying to acquire new customers, what if you focused on providing your existing customers a remarkable experience? Listen to your customers, engage with your customers, and they will become your best marketers. That’s right, your existing customers will actually help you acquire new customers, and plug your “leaky bucket.” And this book will show you how.

By learning from the successes of other companies and applying the proprietary WISER method (Witty, Immersive, Shareable, Extraordinary, Responsive) to your business, you will create an array of remarkable experiences that your customers will want to talk about with friends, family, and social media followers. In turn, you’ll benefit from marketing that is far more credible, engaging, and authentic than yet another email or social media campaign.

Your business CAN compete on customer experience. When you create a remarkable experience for your customers, they become your best marketers and salespeople. The result is more customers, who stay longer, spend more, and recommend your company to others.

Wouldn’t you like to become WISER than your competition?

Part 1
In this section of the book, Dan makes the case for why customer experience is so important to acquiring and keeping more customers. Through rigorous research and reporting, he discusses:

  1. Why traditional marketing no longer works
  2. The Big Problem of the “leaky bucket” and how to solve it
  3. What gets shared (and not shared) on social media
  4. How customer experience affects the bottom line

Part 2
In this section, Dan introduces his proprietary WISER model which teaches companies how to create remarkable (literally: worthy of remark) customer experiences. Though experiences do not need to have all of these facets, the more they have, the greater the chance of sharing.

  1. Witty: Using communication channels to be more clever and fun, and thus more memorable
  2. Immersive: Creating experiences that customers feel in their bones, and that are consistent throughout
  3. Shareable: Being intentional about finding the ideal moment to get people to share with friends, family, and social media followers
  4. Extraordinary: Up-leveling the experience to be just a bit better than ordinary, which represents the vast majority of experiences out there
  5. Responsive: Engaging with customers when they share their brand experiences

For each facet of WISER, Dan shares multiple real-life examples of companies using the technique to enhance the customer experience. He also shares several examples from his own professional career at three Fortune 500 companies.

Part 3:
This is where Dan ties everything together and shows the reader how to actually implement the WISER model into their own business. After all, inspiring stories are great, but only if they are actionable. The section focuses on four main concepts:

  1. Eliminating pain points and reducing friction
  2. Designing the right digital experience
  3. Adapting to changing trends in the contact center
  4. Solidifying executive leadership with a Chief Experience Officer

Finally, Dan includes a bonus chapter in which he examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on customer experience, shares examples of brands that stood out among a sea of “check the box” responses, and identifies learnings and takeaways that will continue to hold true well after the pandemic is behind us.

About Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss is an international keynote speaker and customer experience coach who believes that a remarkable customer experience can be your best marketing. He doesn’t just talk about experience; his fast-paced, energetic writing style creates an experience for the reader that they’ll surely remember.

Dan’s 20-year professional career consistently focused on delighting customers, spanning multiple disciplines including customer experience, marketing, social media and customer service. He held leadership positions at three Fortune 300 companies – McDonald’s, Discover and Humana.

Dan is the author of Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media, a host of the Experience This! Show podcast and a regular contributor to Forbes.

He has been named to several notable industry lists, including:

  • “Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter” by ICMI
  • “50 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow” by TopRank Marketing
  • “Top 100 Digital Marketers” by both Brand24 and BuzzSumo
  • “Top Customer Service Influencers” by Fit Small Business
  • “15 Influencers Changing the CX Game” by WalkMe
  • “Top 50 Customer Service Influencers of the Decade” by Nextiva

Dan earned a B.A. in psychology and communications from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. in marketing and operations from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, a licensed bartender and a pinball wizard.