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Customer Experience

‘The Bear’ Season 2 Is A Love Letter To Customer Experience

While the hit series The Bear is ostensibly about life managing a restaurant, it is also an ode to remarkable […]

Customer Experience

What Is Clienteling And Why Is It So Important For Retailers?

Clienteling is the process of building relationships between sales associates and customers through personalized service. It allows retailers to better […]

General Business

Price vs. Value: Brands Should Add Benefits When They Charge More

The price vs. value conundrum is alive and well with companies and their customers. Businesses will tend to raise prices […]


Memorable Experiences: How to Create Unforgettable Events

Editor’s Note: I had too many memorable experiences to count at Social Media Marketing World, an event directed by guest […]

Customer Service

Resolving Customer Disputes: Patience, Empathy, And The Ability To Walk Away

Resolving customer disputes can be tricky business, especially when the company isn’t at fault. And although we’ve all been taught […]

Customer Experience

Flush with Humor: The Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Bathroom Experience

The bathroom experience presents so many opportunities to be memorable, yet so many businesses just, if you’ll excuse the expression, […]

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