Does Your Company Need A Chief Experience Officer?

A growing number of companies are installing a chief experience officer (CXO) into the C-suite, with responsibility for every facet of the customer journey. Harvard Business Review even makes the case that every company should have a CXO to oversee

A delivery man throws a package at the author's front door

The ‘Last Mile’ in Retail is Often the Most Important

Product delivery, also known as the “last mile” in retail, is often the most complex part of the transaction because it’s usually dependent on third parties. It’s been a strange few weeks for me and delivered packages recently, and those

Dan Gingiss speaks at Social Media Marketing World

Events Marketing and Attendee Experience

Events marketing and attendee experience have become one and the same. After all, the best way to market an event is by attendees sharing their positive experiences with friends and colleagues. If you ask most people who work in social

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The Best Way To Focus on Customer Experience Is To Follow Mom’s Advice

Remember how Forrest Gump liked to quote what his “mama always said”? Well my mama always said: Be aware of your surroundings. Even today, when I’m traveling for keynote speeches, she reminds me to be aware of my surroundings. Watch

Phone taking video at a concert

How To Use Video For Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience

Video is everywhere, and many pundits are recommending that companies and individuals use video for sales, marketing, and customer experience. But how? What are the best use cases for letting video elevate the human-to-human conversation? In this interview, we find

from subscription service to brand loyalty

Amazon Increases Price of Prime Membership; Should You Care?

The price of Amazon Prime is going up again, and some people are mad about it. But not Amazon’s most loyal customers, who will likely not notice or care. Why?