Does Your Company Need A Chief Experience Officer?

A growing number of companies are installing a chief experience officer (CXO) into the C-suite, with responsibility for every facet of the customer journey. Harvard Business Review even makes the case that every company should have a CXO to oversee

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It’s The Little Things That Improve Employee Experience

In happened once a quarter but nobody knew when it would be, and that was part of the fun. Employees found out when they arrived in the parking lot and saw a gigantic, yellow smiley-face balloon atop the building. Inside,

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Here are 4 Customer Experience Trends to Focus on in 2022

(This post, written by Dan Gingiss, originally appeared on the GetFeedback blog.) We are in unprecedented times. Customers are more demanding, employees are working remotely or even resigning entirely, and supply chain issues have negatively affected products ranging from automobiles

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How To Be Successful In Business And Your Career

Success isn’t always what you expect. In the corporate world, success is defined by tangible elements – bonuses, stocks, promotions, etc. But what if success is so much more than that?

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5 Ways to Improve Employee Experience

Guest Post by Salma El-Shurafa Many companies are thinking about improving employee experience and what facets make a great employee experience. The answers to these questions are constantly changing.  There was a time when the focus was on incentives and

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How To Work From Home… From Starbucks

With so much confusion about retailers closing, then reopening, then re-closing, it’s difficult for the industry to stay top-of-mind with customers. Indeed, companies across industries are challenged with how to talk about COVID-19 without pandering or repeating what’s already been