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Customer Experience

Unlock the Power of Big Data: Elevating Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty

Companies are collecting more data than ever on their customers. But what’s the point of collecting all that data if […]

Customer Experience

Shaping the Future: How Digital Media Pioneers Embrace Customer Experience

Not so long ago, customer experience in the media industry was not a thing for many who wrote, edited, and […]

Digital Experience

Customer Effort: The Key To Simplifying The Digital Experience

Believe it or not, the single most important factor in gaining customer loyalty is reducing customer effort, according to the […]

Customer Experience

Omnichannel Customer Experience: It’s Here, and It Works

Back in the day, before anyone knew the term “omnichannel customer experience,” when you wanted to check your bank account […]

Digital Experience

Why a ‘404 Error Page’ is an Opportunity for an Experience

Chances are if you’ve been on the Internet long enough, you’ve encountered a dreaded “404” error page. Also known as a […]

Digital Experience

Your Website’s Search Bar: What Are People Searching For?

Welcome to CX Weekly, where Dan Gingiss shares customer experience tips! Watch the video by clicking above, or read the transcript […]

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