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General Business

Price vs. Value: Brands Should Add Benefits When They Charge More

The price vs. value conundrum is alive and well with companies and their customers. Businesses will tend to raise prices […]

CX Examples

The Student Experience In Higher Education Goes Digital

In the post-pandemic era, providing a great student experience in higher education has never been so important. Undergraduate college enrollment […]

General Business

How To Turn Filing Taxes Into A Remarkable Experience

Filing taxes is nobody’s idea of a good time. With tax day approaching in the United States, it’s time to […]

General Business

Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Is your business boring? Maybe it doesn’t have to be. Case in point: Snowplows. There’s not much fun in snowplows, […]

Marketing & Sales

Emoji Meanings: Does That Emoji Mean What You Think It Does?

Ask a bunch of people about emoji meanings and you might get a bunch of different answers – especially if […]

General Business

When A Company Makes A Mistake: How Intuit Rebounded By Listening To Its Customers

When a company makes a mistake, things can go one of two ways: customers are upset and leave for the […]

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