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Customer Experience

Customer Advocacy: An Untapped Asset

Customer advocacy is when customers help promote your business – either by referring their friends, or through word-of-mouth and online […]

Customer Experience

Do You Know Who Your Competition In Business Really Is?

Who is your competition in business? It’s probably not who you think it is. In the old days, your customers […]

General Business

Why Pricing And Customer Experience Go Hand In Hand

Pricing and Customer Experience To many, pricing strategy is like a “necessary evil” of business: something you know is important, […]

General Business

Price vs. Value: Brands Should Add Benefits When They Charge More

The price vs. value conundrum is alive and well with companies and their customers. Businesses will tend to raise prices […]

General Business

The Student Experience In Higher Education Goes Digital

In the post-pandemic era, providing a great student experience in higher education has never been so important. Undergraduate college enrollment […]

General Business

How To Turn Filing Taxes Into A Remarkable Experience

Filing taxes is nobody’s idea of a good time. With tax day approaching in the United States, it’s time to […]

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