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    Giving thanks for a positive customer experience for Thanksgiving this year.

    6 Reasons Your Customers Should Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

    As we enter another season of giving thanks, let’s take a moment and appreciate the good things in life. Thanksgiving in the United States is a time to acknowledge what we are thankful for, and hopefully your customers are thankful

    Kim Newton

    A Former Hallmark Exec Is Now Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

    Kim Newton spent more than 20 years at Hallmark, with the last two-plus years leading customer experience. She is now a solopreneur and the founder of The Intentional Pause™, helping women to embrace pausing as a powerful way forward, with

    Person using credit card at computer

    Get Out of Your Customer’s Way!

    We cause customer frustrations when we set them up for failure. Are you creating obstacles rather than ease in your customer journey?

    employee training

    How Learning About Your Own Company Can Make You A Better Leader

    Throughout my career in Corporate America, I always taught my teams the importance of learning “enough to be dangerous” about the rest of the company. Examples of Learning About The Company For example, at Discover Card, I worked mainly on

    Actionable insights graphic

    6 Tips for Making Customer Insights Actionable

    Images courtesy of SentiSum Guest Post by Ben Goodey Customer support leaders are often up against the same problem: Support tickets come in high volumes and are usually unfettered, qualitative text that can be analyzed for friction points. Thus, support

    small business retailer

    How to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

    Guest post by Aurora Coleman It’s not particularly breaking news that the US economy has taken a plunge since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The whole country went into a recession, companies were forced to close, and many lost their jobs in