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Customer Experience

How Convenience Stores are Elevating Customer Experience in 2024

Expectations have traditionally lingered somewhat low for customer experience in convenience stores. People generally want some gas, maybe a soda […]

Customer Experience

Enhancing Brick-and-Mortar Customer Experience to Compete with E-Commerce Growth

There was a time – not so long ago – when brick-and-mortar customer experience seemed almost like a misnomer from […]

Customer Experience

Customer Experience In The Roofing Industry: Technology And Maybe Some Fun

Customer experience in the roofing industry can be tricky because unless it happens to be planned, a roofer at your […]

Customer Experience

Empathy in Customer Experience: A Key Loyalty Driver

Why is empathy important in customer experience? Because while customers will always want a good product or service at a […]

Customer Experience

The Salon Customer Experience: Ultimate Nirvana

If there is one industry where customer experience is truly indispensable, it is the soothing world of the salon. That’s […]

Customer Experience

Customer Advocacy: An Untapped Asset

Customer advocacy is when customers help promote your business – either by referring their friends, or through word-of-mouth and online […]

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