employees view data and analytics on a computer screen

How Data and Analytics Inform Customer Experience

Luke Williams is a New York Times best-selling author and Senior Vice President and Distinguished Principal Analyst at Qualtrics. In this interview, Dan and Luke discuss how X+O data analysis can inform and improve customer experience. Click here to watch

The birthday dessert at Fleming's Steakhouse features a box of chocolates and a sparkler

Why A Sparkler Beats A Candle Every Time

My teenage son has good (and expensive) taste in food, so he chose to celebrate his birthday at Fleming’s Steakhouse. When I booked the reservation on OpenTable, a restaurant booking app, I noted that we were celebrating his birthday. Most

Ann Handley

How Listening To Your Customers Can Help You Create Great Content

Ann Handley is a keynote speaker, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, and the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Everybody Writes. Ann also wrote the foreword to my new book, The Experience Maker. Dan Gingiss: So Ann, let’s just jump

empty movie theater

Why Creating An Immersive Experience Keeps Customers Coming Back For More

Being Immersive means looking at the entire customer journey and ensuring that it makes sense as a whole. The entire experience should be one continuous smooth ride that your customers feel. Chances are you’ve heard (or even uttered) the word

Diversity in CX

Why Diversity Matters In Customer Experience

Shonnah Hughes is a diversity and inclusion strategist in the CX space, focused on improving organization and community learning, relationships and reputation.

teal food truck serving a customer

This Company is Changing the Lunch Break Experience

Tony Amante Schepers is the Director of Operations and Customer Experience at a company called Curbside Kitchen; a website and app that partners with the best food trucks to have breakfast and lunch options “trucked in” daily to your workplace.