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Customer Experience Las Vegas: A Closer Look

Customer Experience Las Vegas

I recently spent almost a week in Las Vegas for a mixture of work and fun. It’s easy to get consumed by all of the sights and sounds of a city that truly doesn’t sleep, but as usual, I couldn’t help myself — I had to observe the varying elements of customer experience everywhere I went.

What I saw surprised me. I heard the refrain “everything in Vegas is expensive” several times during the trip, but some things were truly outlandish. I wrote about those for Forbes in a post titled, “What Happens In Vegas… 3 Examples Of Excessive Pricing That Leave Customers Dissatisfied”.

I spent some time in the casinos (craps and blackjack are my games) and noticed for the first time how manipulative they are. Psychological tactics abound in the casino to get patrons to part with more of their money. I wrote about that in another Forbes post titled, “What Happens In Vegas… 3 Examples Of Contrived Experiences That Encourage Gambling”.

I’d love it if you’d check out those posts and let me know what you think. Whether you are a fan of Las Vegas or not, I think you’ll appreciate the ideas presented. You’ll probably also have some comments about what you read, and I’d love to hear them!

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